We are an interdisciplinary group integrated by designers, specialists in international business, and bronze casting artisans dedicated to promote Mexican artistic and handcraft quality, through the creation and manufacturing of bronze art-object.

Besides its aesthetic qualities, each work has been conferred a carefully chosen title with a poetic sense, which originates a short and simple text that tells the reasons, memoires, experiences, evocations or anecdotes which inspired it. The intention of both, the piece and the brief story, is to provoke enjoyable emotions in the spectator to recall their own, and consequently to engage emotionally with the author. By achieving to cause in the observer either admiration, interest or at least to make him or her smile, we would consider our mission accomplished.


Manuel Ferreiro was born in 1948 in Mexico City, where he spends most of his live. Since childhood, he travels all around his country and subsequently he broadens his horizons to North America, South America, and Europe, awakening his curiosity for design and the visual arts, breeding a personal vision of art that merges pre-Hispanic and Colonial of his own environment with those of the places he travels, which range from the elaborated Baroque to the contemporary Minimalism; this contrast will define in him a unique style that will remain as a constant in his work.

He studies Industrial Design, but he becomes a self-educated artist, taking diverse courses and experimenting his own initiatives, always with scientific and technological curiosity –element that will have an influence in his work. During those study years, and the following 30, he works as a graphic designer, also developing design object and sculpture projects only for his personal fulfillment.

At the beginning of the 90’s, he decides to embrace his desired profession: industrial designer, but with a twist that allows him to be close to his other passion: art. This is how his career as designer/sculptor started. At that time, he meets foundry master Sergio Bueno, with whom he matches immediately to make a very well integrated team.

Since 2006, he travels twice a year to New York, where he exhibits his work and has achieved international recognition, from Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, to Paris, London and Milan, as well as Canada, Unites States, South America, and of course Mexico.

During the summer of 2011, he meets Bárbara Garay, a young and talented graduate in international business. They complement each other and combine their efforts to establish what today is Manuel Ferreiro®, a company dedicated to the commercialization of the collection which bears the author’s signature.