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I am an obsessive observer. The natural world amazes me every day, and the more I look at it, the more respect it imposes on me; that must be the reason why I never tried to copy or even interpret that which God, for some, Nature for others, has created overwhelmingly well. I take on what humankind has produced, which neither is small. So I initiated interpreting everyday objects which are full of meaning to us.

Suddenly, without trying to, I feel the urge to make my own version of this or that object. It can be an office item, a tool in my workshop, a kitchen utensil…it can be anything.

Once the object is selected, I mentally elaborate my first sketches because they are easy to be modified or discarded; it is only when the idea is more precise that I make my first tridimensional rough model in any material suitable: wire, wood, cardboard, modeling paste or a combination of any of those.

When I am satisfied with shapes and dimensions, I manufacture the definitive model, almost every time made of wire or wood covered with modeling wax. It is on this finalized model that I engrave the title, my signature and the year of make.

The model is handed to the foundry maestro, who makes a rubber and fiberglass mold. From that mold, wax copies are made. Each wax copy is casted within refractory sand, and then heated so the wax melts and leaves the space where molten bronze is to be poured. This process is called the lost wax method. The bronze casted piece is tooled to correct minor defects. Patina of the characteristic color of all my work is applied by heating the bronze and brushing on iron and copper compounds. To finish, a fine coating of wax seals and gives a soft shine to the piece.

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