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I’m a descendant of European immigrants −most of them Spaniards− who converged in Mexico City, where I was born in 1948 and currently live. I am Mexican. My name Ferreiro literally means blacksmith, which may well have been genetically determinant to my vocation…

In my childhood I traveled extensively throughout my country, developing a fondness for my culture, syncretism of the Prehispanic, rich in massive and rough sculpture as well as the Colonial (eclecticism of Celtic, Roman, Arab and Baroque) full of figures and symbols sculpted in every possible material. Mexico is a land of sculptures and sculptors. In that same period −-previous to the media invasion− I also traveled most of the United States and Canada, getting acquainted in person with the most advanced civilization generated from a vast multicultural heritage. That great contrast awakened my curiosity and enjoyment for the ancient as well as the contemporary. As an adult…


About my work

After exhibiting my work in several collective shows in Mexico City between the years 1990 and 2005, in the summer of 2006 I participated for the first time in New York at the hall Handmade Designer Maker of the event titled New York Now which is held two times a year at the Jacob Javits Center. Such hall is reserved for artists of all over the world who design and manufacture their designer works personally. I have participated in that exhibit for nineteen consecutive editions.

Creation and Manufacture

I am an obsessive observer. The natural world amazes me every day, and the more I look at it, the more respect it imposes on me; that must be the reason why I never tried to copy or even interpret that which God, for some, Nature for others, has created overwhelmingly well. I take on what humankind has produced, which neither is small. So I initiated interpreting everyday objects which are full of meaning to us.


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